Professional Supervision


Helping others takes resilience. If you are in the helping profession – be it as a volunteer or a professional it is vital to have professional support.

I am keenly aware in my own practice of the importance of professional supervision. Whilst I have learnt theories and strategies in my supervision sessions – they have not been as valuable as the insight I have gained, and continue to gain into myself.

I believe that our strongest ally in working with people is self reflection; being aware of our own core values and beliefs, our own experiences and biases, our own hurts and triggers and our own current state of mind and stress levels. Building a relationship with a supervisor is one of the wisest decisions we can make in our professional career.

I offer a non- judgmental and reflective space where I encourage you to share your stories, your struggles, your concerns, your dreams and your triumphs.

I am your eyes – when daily life clouds professional and personal clarity.

Contact me so we can begin a relationship built on strong trust and professional ethics.

N.B. I do not offer one on one supervision to counsellors.