Separation Mediation and Counselling

gbh separation

Breaking up is hard to do. Feelings of shock, anger, relief, guilt, panic and sadness become a jumble and can be difficult to keep under control whilst still trying to manage everyday life. Coming and speaking with me will not only help you understand and process what is happening but it will also offer you practical ‘can do’ solutions and ideas to help you gain back some feelings of control.

I have been doing Relationship and Marriage Counselling and Mediation for separating couples for the Family Court since 2007. I also work within the FDR (Family Dispute Resolution) system for the Ministry of Justice. Not only do I ‘know the ropes’ I also have a deep understanding of the anguish that going through a separation can bring ; especially trying to look after children in the middle.

My experience and training is something you can rely on.

I can:

  • Facilitate ways for you to make decisions
  • Help you process loss and grief
  • Allow you a view of the ‘forest for the trees’
  • Suggest practical things you can do
  • Help you understand how children may be feeling and guide you in the best ways to help them
  • Facilitate the creation of a parenting plan
  • Mediate meetings between you and your partner in a safe and controlled environment that will reduce conflict and help you both move forward
  • Give you information on resources available to you and tell you about Family Court Processes
  • Be a non- judgmental sounding board and offer a quiet space away from the world for you to express yourself and think


If you need mediation counselling  or someone to help you through your separation I can help. Contact me now.