Relationship and Marriage Counselling


Relationship and marriage counselling can bring clarity, direction and relief. Sometimes it’s difficult to struggle through the piles of unresolved stuff – or to re-gain a sense of why we entered into this relationship in the first place. Things can be cloudy and we can get lost. Heartbreak can follow and sometimes the heartbreak involves children too.

Adding a non-judgemental facilitator to the discussion; someone who can listen out and be on the side of your relationship is invaluable. In session tensions can be eased, conversations can be slowed and defences will come down. When your relationship hits a rocky patch, I can facilitate conversation that will lead you into the clear.

Friends and family are good support – but they always have an agenda (however well meant). Step into ‘The Quiet Room’ away from your everyday pressures and let me lead you towards clarity and connection.

Relationship counselling is my favorite time of the day! There is so much hope in it. Help me to help you. Call me.

With a little help you could:

  • Be heard and understood
  • Hear and understand
  • Learn more positive ways of dealing with conflict
  • Communicate more productively
  • Gain some understanding of your relationship dynamics and cycles and how to change them
  • Re-connect and grow affection again
  • Grow intimacy
  • Deal with deep seated issues and disappointments
  • Deal with family interference
  • Re-build trust

Gain some understanding of the dynamics going on in your relationship and how to change them. Get that loving connection back.   Get relationship counselling now !